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Banister Financial, Inc., located in Charlotte, North Carolina, is one of the leading business valuation services firms in America, with professionals recognized as experts by their peers nationally (see Professionals). Two of our professionals are authors of a leading business valuation book used by other valuators (see Book) and we have experience in the valuation of businesses in hundreds of industry segments (see Expertise).

Banister Financial specializes in the business valuation of privately-owned companies, professional practices, LLCs, and other types of businesses and business interests. Our primary focus is the southeastern United States, however, our client base is nationwide. We perform business valuations confidentially for business owners and their advisors. Clients range from small companies and professional practices to regional, national and multi-national companies.

Business valuation services offered
Banister Financial’s professionals prepare unbiased business valuations for a variety of reasons including:

Divorce, dispute and litigation-related business valuation services:
  • divorce (equitable distribution)
  • active, passive appreciation of value in divorce (marital versus separate property components of business value)
  • shareholder disputes and litigation
  • redemption of shares/member interests under buy-sell/operating agreement provisions
  • court appointed valuations in disputes
  • critiques of other valuation reports
  • consulting to prepare to depose, cross-examine valuation experts
  • reviews of business valuations prepared by other firms
  • mediation, binding arbitration
Our professionals are experienced expert witnesses with a proven record of having their business valuation findings prevail in numerous cases in local, state and Federal courts.

Health care related business valuation services:
  • medical, dental and related practices for disputes, divorce
  • acquisitions/sale by health care institutions
  • physician buy-in, buy-outs
  • joint ventures (e.g., surgery centers)
Purchase and sale related business valuation services:
  • purchase or sale
  • bank, SBA financing
  • financial restructuring and recapitalization
  • subsidiaries, divisions for spin-off or sale
  • valuations for mergers, joint ventures, other combinations
  • employee stock ownership plan (ESOPs)- initial creation and annual revaluation
  • stock options and grants for financial reporting purposes

Estate/gift and other tax related business valuation services:
  • estate and estate planning, gifting of shares or interests in private companies, partnerships and LLCs
  • limited partnership, LLC interests (with real estate, marketable securities or closely-held common stock)
  • non-voting stock for gifting, estate purposes
  • buy-sell and shareholder/operating agreements
  • blockage discounts of publicly traded shares
  • restricted public stock
  • incentive stock options and stock grants
  • conversion of C-corporation to subchapter-S status
  • preferred stock recapitalizations
  • review of existing valuations (prepared by other firms) that are being challenged by the IRS in gifts and estates. Review of valuations prepared by the IRS. Assistance in identifying strengths/weaknesses
Other related needs:
  • lost profits
  • economic and business damages
  • valuation of notes
  • reasonable officer compensation in disputes with the Internal Revenue Service
Telecom and cloud services, data center business valuation services:

In addition to all industries above, Banister Financial's telecom division specializes in the business valuation of local telephone companies and other telecom, communications enterprises, as well as cloud services companies, data centers and related segments. Learn more at: telecomvalue.com

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George Hawkins, ASA, CFA
Managing Director
Phone: (704) 499-9009 (direct)
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Michael Paschall, ASA, CFA, JD
Managing Director
Phone: (704) 334-1625 (direct)
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