Business Valuation Services and Expert Testimony

Banister Financial’s experts prepare business valuations for a multitude of reasons (see sampling of industry expertise) including:

Divorce, Dispute Business Valuations

> divorce (equitable distribution)

> active and passive appreciation of value in divorce (marital versus separate property components)

> court appointed or jointly retained business valuations in divorces, disputes

> shareholder disputes and litigation regarding business valuation of companies and their interests

> redemption of interests under buy-sell agreement provisions

> critiques (reviews) of other business valuation reports

> consulting to prepare to depose or cross-examine business valuation experts

> rebuttal testimony regarding faulty business valuation conclusions or analyses by other appraisers

> mediation, binding arbitration

> notes receivable valuation

Estate, Gift, Tax Related Business Valuations

> estates, gifts of interests in private companies, partnerships and LLCs

> interests in corporations, partnerships, and LLCs (with real estate, marketable securities or closely-held common stock)

> non-voting stock

> shareholder/operating agreements- buy-back of interests or new formula provisions

> blockage discounts of publicly traded shares- impact of block size/illiquidity on value.

> restricted public stock

> incentive stock options, stock grants

> conversion of C to subchapter-S

> preferred stock recapitalizations

> review of business valuations challenged/prepared by the IRS

> notes receivable valuation

Healthcare Related Business Valuations

> medical, dental and similar practices for disputes, divorce

> acquisitions/sale by health care institutions of health practices and entities for buyers, sellers, regulatory compliance

> physician, dentist and orthodontist buy-in, buy-outs and other business valuation needs

> joint ventures between healthcare institutions and other healthcare entities

> ambulatory surgery centers

> imaging centers

> lithotripsy partnerships

> home infusion therapy

> medical billing and other support related entities

> other healthcare entities

Purchase & Sale Business Valuations

> purchase or sale of a business or interest

> bank or SBA financing-related business valuation submissions

> financial restructuring and recapitalization, subsidiaries, divisions for spin-off or sale

> mergers, joint ventures, other combinations

> employee stock ownership plan (ESOPs)

Telecom Industry Business Valuations

> local telephone, video, and other communications companies

> wireless partnerships

> data centers

> webhosting


Notes Receivable:

> Valuation for credit, collateral impairment, above/below market rates

Private Equity:

> Limited partnership or carried interests for estates, gifts and related tax planning

> Equitable distribution (divorce), disputes


> Business, economic damages litigation

Contact Us for a Business Valuation

If you or a client has a business valuation need (or a business damages or lost profits litigation matter) involving a company, professional practice, or family limited partnership/LLC, contact George Hawkins or Michael Paschall at Banister Financial to discuss the situation, information needs and estimated costs.

George Hawkins, ASA, ABV, CFA

Managing Director
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Michael Paschall, ASA, ABV, CFA, JD

Managing Director
(704) 334-1625 (direct)
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